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Ground to Air Communications

Park Air Systems radio solutions

Park Air Systems T6 Radios is the world’s leading ground-to-air radio platform. Packed with the latest technology, the T6 Radios offer outstanding performance for VHF and UHF coverage.

The T6 Radios set standards for bringing high levels of safety, efficiency and performance into a compact unit.

You can choose from a full range of transmitters, receivers and transceivers in VHF and UHF models, for both civil and military settings.

Each model is highly flexible and adaptable for any ATM scenario, be it for small towers, country-wide networks or international operators. All of it is all elegantly captured into the smallest, lightest package we have ever produced

S4 IP Controller

For simple, direct access to a radio voice channel in ATM, the S4 IP Controller puts you in complete control of your communication system with an intuitive user interface.

Compliant with the latest VoIP standards for ATC, the S4 IP Controller is perfect for use in airport, dispatch or last resort applications. A full range of channel configuration and main/standby features are included to suit a wide range of scenarios.

Designed to work as an integral part of your network, S4 IP Controller supports multiple connections to one or many radios. They put you in complete control of your communications system with a simple and intuitive user interface.

The S4 IP Controller has various mounting choices and a software-only PC application for complete flexibility.

R4 MARC Server


The Park Air R4 keeps ground-to-air radio communications assets running smoothly and efficiently, so you can concentrate your resources where they are needed most.

Having the Park Air R4 at the heart of your ATM infrastructure gives you the ultimate peace of mind in your radio network. It delivers easy configuration of your network from a simple web interface – with remote testing and monitoring.

Park Air R4 also reduces your costs. Physical inspection and testing routines can be scaled down without any compromise on safety. As a result savings can be achieved, particularly when assets are situated in very remote locations.

Z4 RF Conditioning

The Z4 family of RF conditioning filters and accessories delivers the optimum combination of size and performance. For difficult RF environments in particular, the reliability of the Z4 is an asset to any ATC infrastructure.

Designed to accompany our T6 Radios, a choice of VHF and UHF manually tuned cavity filters is available. This choice is matched by all the accessories needed to create star point or hybrid combiners in any configuration.

The Z4 range includes filters distinguished by their incredibly compact size, with a dual 80mm filter package occupying the same rack space as a T6 Radio.

Our range truly meets the ‘fit-and-forget’ requirements for RF filtering and combining, requiring little if any maintenance and offering very long service life due to the inherent simplicity of the design.

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